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Be More Thankful – part 2

Be More Thankful – part 2

What can we do to be more thankful? Be Thoughtful. Be Content A lot of people have the “I appreciate that … BUT” syndrome ~ a little thankful for one thing, but always looking for something mo...Read More »
estar más agradecidos – 1

estar más agradecidos – 1

Un soldado joven murió trágicamente en una batalla y sus padres dieron una ofrenda generosa en memoria de su hijo. Mientras se realizaba la ceremonia fúnebre, había otra pareja en la audiencia cuyo hi...Read More »
Be More Thankful – part 1

Be More Thankful – part 1

A young soldier was tragically killed in action and his parents gave a gift of money to their church as a memorial for their son. While the ceremony was taking place, there was another couple in the a...Read More »

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