A Diet That Works – part 10

Just like having a trainer at the gym improves your physical workout, getting together with another believer, will help keep you accountable with your Spiritual workout. They will also be a great source of encouragement to you!

#1 Solitude – Spend time alone to be with God.
#2 Silence – Remove noisy distractions to hear from God.
#3 Fasting – Skip a meal(s) to find greater nourishment form God.
#4 Live with Less – Learn to live with less money and still meet your basic needs.
#5 Secrecy - Avoid self-promotion, practice serving God without others knowing.
#6 Sacrifice – Giving of our resources beyond what seems reasonable to remind us of our dependence on Christ.
#7 Study - Spend time reading the Scriptures and meditating on its meaning and importance to our lives.
#8 Worship – Offer praise and adoration to God.
#9 Prayer – Talk to about your relationship with Him and about the concerns of others–then listen to for what He has to say to you.

#10 Fellowship – Mutual caring and ministry in the body of Christ.

Meet regularly with other Christians to find ways to ministry to others. Encourage one another. Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you.” The simple definition of fellowship then is: loving others as much as you love God.

Acts 2:42(NIV)
“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”

The Point Is: Fellowship begins when I share what I have with others.

Prayer: “In the midst of my busy day, help me to take time to treasure each memory I’m making with my family and friends.”

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