2019 Pow Wows


Welcome to the 2019 Royal Ranger Pow Wows!

These five different Pow Wows are guaranteed to be exciting for leaders and future men alike – your boys.  This year’s theme is “Kung Fu; the way of the Master is to follow His path.  The Master is Jesus”.  Are you READY to grow your future men spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially?  Good for you!


Pow Wow Info booklet


May 24-26

Baja Division

Location:  Camp Wynola - 3731 Wynola Rd, Julian, CA  map

Cost:  $40 per person

Speaker:  Shh...it is an ancient kung fu secret...

Contact:  David Burroughs - commander@bajarangers.com

Additional information:

Baja Division Camp schedule

Camp forms (see below)


May 31-June 2

San Joaquin Division

Location:  Indian Hill Ranch -18061 Arosa Rd, Tehachapi, CA   map

Cost:  $45 per person

Speaker:  Staff/Royal Ranger Leaders

Contact:  Chuck Garcia - sanjoaquindivision@yahoo.com

Additional information:

San Joaquin Division camp schedule

Camp forms (see below)


June 7-9

Diamond Valley Division

Location:  Lake Skinner - 37701 Warren Rd, Winchester, CA   map

Cost:  $50 per person

Speaker:  BHA Youth Pastor

Contact:  Mike Shinn - mtsshinn@aol.com

Additional information:

Diamond Valley Division camp schedule

Camp forms (see below)

June 7-9

Shoreline & Mountain Divisions (combined camp)

Location:  Oso/Lobo Campground - 43270 CA-38, Angelus Oaks, CA  map

Cost:  $50 per person

Speaker:  Kirkley Peterson, SoCal Royal Rangers Leader

Contact:  Tom Fuette - tomfuette@hotmail.com or Perry Gerdes - gerdesfour@verizon.net

Additional information:

Shoreline & Mountain Divisions camp schedule  link

Camp forms (see below)

Registration for starts on Friday at noon

Make checks out to "Orange Section Royal Rangers" (this camp only)


June 21-23

Western Division

Location:  Indian Hill Ranch -18061 Arosa Rd, Tehachapi, CA   map

Cost:  $75 per person
(early registration available Thursday after 3:00 pm for an additional $5 per person)


Contact:  Harold Burke - harold.burke@gmail.com

Additional information:

Western Division camp schedule

Camp forms (see below)


Camp Forms (for use at all Pow Wows)


Scripture Bee:  link

Colossians 3:12-15 (Ranger Kids)

Colossians 3:12-17  (Discovery, Adventure and Expedition)



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