Camporee 2018


June 28th - July 1st

@ Mojave Narrows Regional Park

This multi day event is guaranteed to be exciting for leaders and future men alike – your boys.  This year’s theme is Gladiator: Stand Firm, and we are going to have an incredible and exciting time for four days.  Are you READY to grow your future men spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially?  Good for you!

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Registration packet available here

Chariot Race specifications


On site registration price is $125/per attendee
Required camp forms:

Campout Roster
Insurance Verification
Emergency Medical
Pastor's Certification
Firearms Permission Slip

 *As a reminder, the $100/$125 fee does NOT include outpost related expenses like food, transportation, etc.  Church leadership typically add an additional cost to cover these respective areas.

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