We have a challenge that all Christ followers are called to – to make Christ known through compassion. Your young Christ followers need to be challenged with the purposes of God – especially during a time of disruption.

There are children and families living in 111-degree tents, with 5+ years of refugeecsurvival that are desperate for help. They must experience Christ’s love though acts of compassion. We havecpartnered with amazing in-country missionaries and ministries. This mission-target is called The Exodus Project. We have sat with these sisters and brothers who are laying down their lives for these refugees, so they’ll discover Jesus – including the most beautiful kids you’ve ever seen! We have the process to engage your kids in reaching these dearly loved people – it’s through BGMC and your partnership with the SoCal Network.

Here's how you can get involved:

  •  Make the month of August a 4-week focus on the children caught in the Syrian Refugee Crisis
    - See SoCal Kids YouTube for the videos that tell the story
  • Join with thousands of kids all across the US. We’re aiming to raise 1 Million dollars on one Epic Day of giving!
  • Challenge all your kids to work to raise their offering. Set a group goal of at least $100
  • Inspire kids with ideas on how to collect the missions dollars
    -  Mail Buddy Boxes to your kids OR
    -  Use a clean empty soda can and dedicate it Jesus
    -  Include some terrific ways to raise missions dollars
    -  Keep the reason why we’re working together in front of the kids
    -  Ask 10 specific kids to be champions. Tell the stories of your champion kids and how they’re working.
  •  First week of September – collect those offerings in some fun way – a drive-up/drop off with a photo- opt. #epicgiveday #socalkids
  •  Give and celebrate the gift on One Big Epic Day – September 13. Join us on FaceBook LIVE from SoCal Kids FaceBook page.

Your next steps… we’re calling YOU to be one of the 30 KidMin Leaders to challenge their kids to be used by God in this real and tangible way. Can you imagine that? Your kids reaching the world like that? You’ve got this leader! You can make your August matter for the Kingdom!

The first 30 leaders to step up will receive a BGMC Face Mask – it’s pretty cool! Text Robin: 562.489.6168. We also want to celebrate your kids who raise $100 and over with an Epic Give Day Give Away! What better thing to celebrate than kids working hard to share the love of Jesus?

  • Text any amount to “84321”
  • Find your church, select “SoCal Kids”
  • Enter your email/payment info.
  • Complete your setup donation

Send a check payable to “SoCal Network”: Attn: SoCal Kids Ministries / 17951 Cowan, Irvine, CA. 92614

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