Network Regional Tour 2019

Mark your calendar today for the annual Regional tour in your area.

Business at the Regional Meeting this year will include nominations for the Intercultural Executive Presbyters as approved at the 2018 Network Conference.

To vote in a specific ethnic category for an Intercultural Executive Presbyter, all ministers need to have self-identified within that ethnic category with the General Council.  To confirm that you are listed in your ethnic category, please call the General Secretarty's Office at 417-862-2781 (CT) no later than November 30th.

Regions 1, 4, 7 and 10, as well as the Under 40, will nominate Executive Presbyters to be elected at the Network Conference.  A job description for the Regional Executive Presbytery is available on the website.  Those currently serving are eligible for re-election.


Please note the starting times:

Jan. 8:

Region 5 (begins at 10 AM)

Victorville First Assembly

Region 4 (begins at 6:30 PM)

*REP nominations

Bakersfield Canyon Hills @ The Summit

Jan. 10:

Region 2 (begins at 10 AM)

Fresno Northeast AG

Region 3 (begins at  6:30 PM)

Tulare First

Jan. 11:

Region 1 (begins at 10 AM)

Buellton Crossroads Church

Jan. 14:

Region 10 (begins at  7 PM)

Brea North Hills

Jan. 15:

Region 9 (begins at 6:30 PM)

Long Beach Christian Life Church

Jan. 17:

Region 7 (begins at  10 AM)

*REP nominations

Fontana Bethel Christian

Region 6 (begins at 6:30 PM)

*REP nominations      

La Crescenta Christian Life Center

Jan. 22:

Region 8 (begins at 6:30 AM)

Norco New Beginnings

Jan. 23:

Region 11 (begins at 10 AM)

*REP nominations

Spring Valley Faith Chapel      

Jan. 24:

Region 12 (begins at 10 AM)

Indio First Assembly

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