SoCal Network Executive Presbyters & Regions


Qualifications for Regional Executive Presbyter: Regional Executive Presbyters shall be ordained ministers of mature experience, sound Christian character, and ability who have been members of the Network, in good standing, for at least two consecutive years directly prior to their nomination, and who have resided within said region from which they are nominated for 12 consecutive months immediately preceding their election. (bylaws Article IX, Section 2 A)

The Qualities of the Regional Executive Presbyter

  • The effective new Regional Executive Presbyter will be a team builder
  • The effective Regional Executive Presbyter will be someone who is a visionary leader, with the ability to communicate and coordinate with all the ministers and churches in the region
  • The effective Regional Executive Presbyter will be one who understands our three purposes  and who is able to translate those purposes into actions that actually REACH lost people, INSPIRE leaders and EMPOWER their region's churches

The Roles of the Regional Executive Presbyter

  • Serve on the SoCal Network's Executive Presbytery with all roles and responsibilities as outlined in the bylaws
  • Set goals for the region that reflect the purposes of the Network as a whole
  • Oversight of the region's Network Affiliated Churches, to include but not be limited to reporting, evaluation and training
  • Coordinate church planting, setting target areas and identifying potential planters
  • Encourage leadership training and development for ministers and churches in the region
  • Lead fellowship within the region
  • Oversight of the credentialing process, including identifying potential ministerial candidates
  • Oversight of the receipt, disbursement and accounting for regional funds
  • Maintain positive relations with the various Intercultural Fellowships represented in the region, ensuring that every church and minister in the region
  • Be available to assist the region's General Council churches in any way possible, including times of pastoral transition

Below you will find the current Regional Executive Presbyters and the regions they oversee.  Click on their name to contact them or their region to find out more information.


Brad Grams | Region 2


John Martin | Region 5 & General Council General Presbyter


Fred Rodriguez | Region 8

Brian Ross | Region 11

Jamal Alexander

Intercultural #2

Joshua Pinto

Intercultural #5

T. Ray Rachels

General Council Executive Presbyter


Chuck Atherton | Region 3

Dave Ansell | Region 6

Chuck Franco | Region 9


Dan Bruce | Region 12

Adelita Garza

Intercultural #3


Karla Gutel

Credentialed Female


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