Corona Virus Update

Good afternoon, friends,
 I wanted to assure you that your Network Office is still available to help you in every way possible during these challenging days.  As I mentioned in my last update, our office is currently closed to the public with all but a skeleton crew working from home.  The staff who are working from home are answering their voicemails throughout the day.

For many of you, however, it may be faster to send an email directly to the department or individual.  To facilitate that option for you, I have listed below all of our employees, the department where they work, and their job area.  I encourage you to email our team and let us know how we can assist you.

Daily our team is looking for ways to resource you and your church as we practice social distancing.  Though we need to look at different ways to do "church," I'm excited for all the creativity I'm seeing and the practical ways we are reaching our communities.
Let us know how we can serve you!  Serving God together,
 Pastor Rich

Email List:
Superintendent's Office:

Assistant Superintendent's Office:

Secretary-Treasurer's Office:


Church Planting:

Intercultural Ministries:

Kids Ministries:


Men's Ministries:

  • Eli Simental, Co-Director Men's Ministries
  • Brent Schoff, Co-Director Men's Ministries 

Pastoral Care:

Second Half Ministries:

SoCal School of Ministry:

SoCal Women:

Student Ministries: