Knots – part 1

One of the most frustrating experiences of life is to pray and not receive an answer.  There are all kinds of reasons that we come up with for our prayers not getting through, but they’re not really good ones.  We need to look to the Bible to find out what stops our prayers from being effective.  If prayer is our lifeline to God, what clogs, or causes knots to form in our lifeline? 

What Stops Our Prayers From Being Effective?

1.  Sin.

Sin separates us from God.  Just as sin separated Adam and Eve from walking in the very presence of God, so it will separate you and I.  Untie the knot in your lifeline by confessing your sin to God.  Confess your sin daily, and your lifeline will be unclogged.

Psalm 66:18(NIV)

“If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear.”

The Point Is:  Confess your sin daily to God and keep the river of His Spirit flowing.

Prayer:  “Dear Lord, it isn’t easy to forgive and love someone who hurts me.  Yet, I know You love me when I don’t deserve it.  Thank You for giving me a second chance.  Help me to forgive and love others, as You forgive and love me.”

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