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A generation is at stake.

Ministry has never been in so much flux – at least it sure feels that way. If Covid has taught us anything it’s a reset on purpose, which we needed. We’re asking ourselves, “What are we really to be about as Christ-followers? Where have we been wasting our energies?

How can we yield fruit for the Kingdom in what could be the final season?

Children experiencing God must continue to be the mission of God’s people, regardless of restrictions.  A generation hangs in the balance.

Children need their own relationship with their Creator. They need to be a part of a community of believers. We need the Church to connect us to life and to Jesus like never before.

The SoCal Kids leadership team has curated a learning plan – KidMin GO+, set to inspire our churches to step up and love children and families. You can mobilize your ministers and KidMin team to reach children and families with the hope of Jesus. Learn and be inspired by key voices, all gifted in communicating good news and growth – join KidMin GO PLUS.

Your annual church registration [$50] gives you unlimited access for your entire team to attend 5 live virtual events throughout the year. They can join the conversation and take that experience into their communities for the sake of kids and families. This is how leaders are made – by following the call. You can help empower your leaders to reach a generation.



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