Ron Gravell was elected Corporate Secretary-Treasurer for the SoCal Network beginning May 1, 2021.

Ron is an Ordained minister and has been a member of the SoCal Network for 40 years.  He has served as youth pastor (8 years), executive pastor, and lead pastor for these churches:

  • Lake Isabella Wofford Heights Assembly
  • Lompoc New Hope Christian Church
  • Hawthorne New Life Community Church

He has served at the SoCal Network since 2012, beginning as Property & Facilities Director and then moving to Executive Administrator to the Superintendent.  In this role, he has been the direct liaison to Network Affiliated churches, as well as helping all churches with property issues, state and federal compliance issues, loans and much more.  Pastor Rich has said, “If Ron doesn’t know the answer, he will find it.”

Ron’s passion is finding the best “deal.”  He enjoys reading financial magazines, reports, and blogs to see the projections and potential future regarding finances.  He has experience in the secular management field, but no job more fun that his first job as a 15-year-old working at See’s Candy where he became a connoisseur of chocolate. He was also elected as the Treasurer for the Garden Estates Homeowners Association in Irvine.

Ron has been married to Vicki for 40 years, and they enjoy gardening together.  They are parents to:

  • James (and Jessica) – Executive Pastor at Desert Hot Springs The Spring
  • Rachel – a senior at Azusa Pacific University

While serving in Lompoc, Ron served on the Domestic Abuse Board for Santa Barbara County and was awarded the 2006 Lompoc Citizen of the Year for his work with the Domestic Abuse Shelter operations and graffiti removal.   He also served as a community chaplain to Vandenburg Air Force Base.

Above all, Ron believes in the value of a team!  Every person equal in importance and deserving of care, respect and being served with graciousness and generosity!!


  • Serve as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer for the SoCal Network, which oversees 490 churches and 1,400 ministers.
  • Oversee yearly budgets and investments of the SoCal Network
  • Serve as Corporate Secretary for the corporation (Teams with Secretariat Director, see below)
  • Oversees and responsible for all matters of legal, churches, credentials and insurance (See below)
  • Provide administrative oversight and direction of:
    • Finance Committee

    • Property & Loans Committee

    • Pinecrest Christian Conference Center

  • Administrates and manages the following under the galaxy of the Superintendent:
    • Network Affiliated Churches

    • Church Parenting

    • Church Planting

    • Church Business

    • Executive Presbyter Communication and assistance

  • Administrate all personnel and human resource matters for the SoCal Network office

Secretariat Director:

  • Direct and correspond to all legal liabilities in all Network matters
  • Updating and maintaining of the ministerial and church files
  • Direct all things relating to Ministerial Credentials
  • Direct all insurance matters for the Network and its corporate subsidies
  • Assist in planning and direction of all Network Events
  • Serve as Auditor in General Council Presbytery meetings

Contact Information

Ron Gravell, Secretary-Treasurer
Phone: 949.252.8400
Email: rgravell@socalnetwork.org

Sherry Fessler, Secretariat Director and Executive Administrator for the Secretary-Treasurer
Phone: 949.252.8400
Email: sfessler@socalnetwork.org