Vanguard for Ministers’ Children


We are deeply committed to provide ministers the benefit of an affordable education for their children at Vanguard University.  This commitment honors the founding purpose of Vanguard and its continued desire to prepare the next generation of leaders for the Assemblies of God.   If you need further help, contact the University Pastor, Jonathan Allbaugh.

Download Vanguard Scholarship Application


A credentialed minister's child of the SoCal Network can apply for a 50% tuition discount guarantee towards a traditional undergraduate degree.  This would equal roughly $15,000 for tuition!  If your child is already receiving another scholarship from Vanguard University, this discount will not add-on to it.  It will just raise the entire percentage up to 50%.  (for example: if your child is receiving a 20% discount for a music scholarship from Vanguard, only 30% will be added using this discount and not the full 50%).

The SoCal Network also provides an additional Vanguard scholarship for dependents of credentialed ministers to Vanguard University.  The scholarship will be up to 10% of tuition, depending on the number of applicants and available funds, and will need to be renewed on a yearly basis.  This scholarship is only for your children who enroll as full-time students in the traditional undergraduate program.  This would equal roughly $1,500 off of tuition! Download SoCal Network Vanguard Scholarship Application below.

With these two discounts, your child would be guaranteed up to 60% off tuition!  Plus all other outside grants and scholarships may be added.

This is a:

4 year program

On Campus Experience (if desired)

great stepping stone to a graduate program

for a list of undergraduate degrees and majors click here


Here is the next step you can take to begin the process:

1. Complete the 50% guarantee discount from Vanguard University

2. Download and return the SoCal Network Vanguard Scholarship Application to the Network office.

3. Complete financial aid and FAFSA applications


MARCH 1 - Submit your Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

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