What Is A God-inspired Vision? – part 16

God always has a deeper purpose for the vision than what is visible on the surface. He ultimately wants to draw people to Himself.
When people look at what you are doing, do they see just you? Or do they see God at work?

A God-inspired vision ultimately draws people to God.

While you are consumed with the details involved in pursuing the God-inspired vision, God is up to something, perhaps more than you are aware. God always reveals Himself in the midst of visions He has authored. When He does, attention will shift from what has been accomplished to Who has fueled the accomplishment.

John 12:32(NIV) Jesus said,
“But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself.”

The Point Is: People are always watching. What are they seeing?

Prayer:   “Lord, I want people to see You in me. Help me today to reflect the character of Christ.”

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