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What is the Acts 2 Journey Cohort?

The Acts 2 Journey Cohort is a transformative process led by an experienced team to help you fulfill the vision you have to strengthen your church spiritually, numerically and relationally.  Join with a team of leaders from your church for a series of four weekend retreats over the course of a year to pray, dream, and strategize about the future of your church.

What is it that makes the Acts 2 Journey effective?

The kingdom of God isn't about numbers; it's about stories. Every local church, regardless of size, can write them.
With a great number of church health and growth strategies available to today’s pastors and church leaders, what is it that sets the Acts 2 Journey apart?
The principles and accompanying stories below reveal the key contributors to church health we’ve discovered to help the local church grow younger, pass on the faith to the next generations, look more like their neighborhoods, and engage Jesus-followers in missional living.

Every pastor needs a team.

People who care, people who believe, people who can think, and people who will dream about the future of the church.
Rare is the leader who can guide a church to a new day alone. Such efforts really aren’t healthy and seldom endure when the leader is gone.
With a team, we find a clearer assessment of current realities, a shared vision that better fits the congregation’s story, a wider array of gifts and leadership capacities, and greater levels of influence in the congregation that will help when it’s time to launch the strategic plan. Plus, the Acts 2 Journey experience can create or deepen a partnership between pastor and team that will benefit the local church for years. The fun and encouragement of working together can make all the difference.