Because the SoCal Network is concerned about the well-being of all SoCal Network credentialed ministers at the time of their retirement, the SoCal Network will contribute to a qualified AG minister 1% of their tithe into a minister’s 403(b) retirement account at AG Financial Services, effective at enrollment.


• Be an Active Credentialed Minister in the SoCal Network.
• Open a new or connect an existing active 403(b) retirement plan with AGFinancial.
• Must fulfill their financial obligations (monthly tithe/dues) to the SoCal Network by the last day of each month.


• There is no minimum personal contribution a minister must make to their 403(b) retirement account to be eligible to receive the SoCal Network's 1% contribution.
• The SoCal Network will contribute to the minister’s 403(b) retirement account monthly if the minister’s tithes/dues are current on the last day of the month.
• Contributions made to AGFS retirement plans are not FDIC insured. Assets held in the 403(b) retirement plans are subject to Department of Labor requirements and are held for the benefit of the participant.
• Contributions made by the SoCal Network are not considered income for the recipient.
• If one chooses not to receive this contribution to his/her retirement account, there will be no reduction in the credential minister's financial obligation to the SoCal Network.
To open a 403b account with AG Financial, please use this link:
Once you have opened your account, please notify the Accounting Manager at the SoCal Network (acctmgr@socalnetwork) that your account is open to that contributions can be made to your account.