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You’re here because you know the next generation is worth it. You care about girls and boys experiencing Jesus. I’m with you! The psalmist compels us:

"We will not hide these truths from their children, but will tell the coming generation
the praises of the Lord, and His strength, and the wonderful works that He has done."

Psalm 78:4

Robin Garvin
SoCal Network Children’s Ministries Director

Great news, you have a network of fellow family KidMin people cheering you on. We want to be your tribe!
Our definition of SoCal Kids is a network of real people and resources; a connection to like-minded people who all champion the church’s call to minister to children and families.  We exist because the empowered church has a mission and mandate to reach and show the next generation who Jesus is. SoCal Kids does that by:
  • Equipping leaders to make God’s big story available to children
  • Empowering the church to speak “kid” language, include kids and make a path and place for children in the church today.
  • Inspiring leaders to engage girls and boys in making Christ known through compassion and global missions.
Join us in making Jesus known! We are better for having you in the mix.



Shari Dresselhaus

South Area Leader & BGMC Coordinator |  Email  (619)302-9986

Heidi West

Central Area Leader  |  Email

Jason Briesacher

North Area Leader  |  Email

Kirkley Peterson

Royal Rangers  |  Email

Beth Console

Girls Ministries  |  Email

Allison Barrera

Pinecrest 1 Coordinator  |  Email

Jason Fuller

Pinecrest 2 Coordinator  |  Email

DJ Maston

Pinecrest 3 Coordinator  |  Email


Pamela Evans

Region 1  |  Email

Kayla Santos

Region 2  |  Email

Chad Villanueva

Region 3  |  Email

Steve Henning

Region 4  |  Email

Amanda De Troya

Region 5  |  Email

Erik Barrera

Region 6  |  Email

Christina Ortega

Region 7  |  Email

Erin Diaz

Region 8  |  Email

Kim Garcia

Region 9  |  Email

Melissa Meacham

Region 10  |  Email

Mark Alfaro

Region 11  |  Email

Daisy Garcia

Region 12  |  Email


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